Stroopwafels in Cookie Box

Stroopwafel Jones

It’s tax season again, and tax preparers need love, too. My sister Julie, for example. Every year, she works like a madwoman from January through April, helping people get their taxes done. Exhausting work. She loves it.

Julie also loves stroopwafels. That’s an understatement. In fact, she is quite mad for them. Understandable, really, considering that stroopwafels are one of the most delectable things on the planet.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, stroopwafels are very thin cinnamon flavored cookies baked on a special waffle iron. The minute each stroopwafel comes out of the iron, it is sliced horizontally, filled with caramel Read More →

Montelimar Nougat

Nougat? Yes, Please!

In the PhotoWerx: Delicious, chewy, French style nougat. Toasted whole almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. The lingering taste of honey. Candy heaven. more→
Paper Bag Puppets

Angelica and Ambidextra

The first time our adorable friend Lawryn visited the Hasslefactory, she learned about hexadecimal color codes by playing “What the Hex” with Artie. Amazingly, she wanted to come back. more→