Oh, hello! Nice to see you here!

Please pardon our mess (and do watch your step). As you can see, this page is still under construction.

You’re probably wondering who Artie and Gilda are. Well…

You can read all about them in the FAQs… soon. Long story short, they are non-identical twin cartoon characters who have lived in my head for years. Which explains a lot. As my friends and family constantly remind me.

Or maybe you want to know about me.

My name is Laurie Bergren. I always wanted to be an artist, but after my Dad asked me for the 5,000th time whether I thought I was ever going to amount to anything, I went to law school instead. After which I spent 25 years helping real estate developers and multi-national corporations feed their soulless addition to getting and spending.

Then I decided to start over.

Now I’m a writer. And a photographer. And an artist. And a web designer. And I make prodigious amounts of candy and cookies.

For other fascinating details, check the FAQs. Because I’m sure you’re positively dying to know stuff like why, when I was five, I had a pet monkey.

As for this website:

It makes me happier than anything I’ve ever done. Which may not be saying much, come to think of it, considering that in my former life I was a corporate lawyer. But still.

I need to make a real Disclosure page. Until then:

Artie & Gilda (the website, not the cartoon characters) participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Just so you know, we only link to stuff that we love. If you think you’d like some of the same stuff and use our links to buy whatever it is, we’ll earn a small commission from the seller. And since every little bit helps, thanks for thinking of us!

How about we go to the credits?

Artie and Gilda’s logo is set in “Fondly Yourz,” a hand drawn font by the totally awesome Rae Kaiser of Outside The Line. Rae’s excellent work can also be seen in the background and the sidebar – I made the Artie icons with glyphs from her “Flower Doodles” and “Hat Doodles” fonts. Thank goodness for full disclosure requirements. Otherwise it just sounds like I’m bragging when I mention that Rae is also a close personal friend.

And so on…

If I left anyone out… don’t worry, I’ll get there. I always do. Eventually.