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Rev2 Chocolate Temperer

Rev 2 Chocolate Temperer

by Chocovision

The Revolation 2 is a space-efficient tabletop-tempering machine, with all the features for the professional Chocolatier. Digital display presents temperature data in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Melts, tempers, and holds up to 1.5 Lbs. of chocolate within 2/10ths of a degree, all in about thirty minutes. FEATURES: BOWL PAUSE MANUAL TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT (UP TO 130 DEGREES DURING THE MELT CYCLE, 100 DEGREES IN THE TEMPER MODE) OVERNIGHT (STANDBY) MODE INCLUDES: 1 MOLD 1 DIPPING TOOL 1 LID The Revolation 2 possesses four features that the Revolation 1 does not: Digital display readout-tells you the exact temperature at a given time. Bowl Pause-stops the bowl from rotating if something delicate is being dipped (item won't break into the pool of melted chocolate). Standby/Overnight Mode-keeps the chocolate melted overnight, per se so that when the user comes back to machine after a long break, the chocolate is melted and just needs to be re-tempered. Manual Temperature Adjustment-If our presets for melting and tempering are not what the customer wishes as defaults, they can adjust to different settings