Red Ball III

Procreate Drawing App

Gilda has lots of favorite iPad drawing and painting apps, but her favorite favorite one is turning out to be Procreate, from the wonderful design team at Savage Interactive.

Gilda also needs some sleep, so this is just a preview. Details to follow. There’s lots to tell.

Procreate comes with some terrific brushes. Even better, it allows you to make your own. Gilda started the day by making a leaf pattern brush. Then she needed to draw something to use it in:

Red Ball with Leaf Pattern

Red Ball, Leaf Pattern

That was a fun and interesting exercise, but what Gilda really wanted to do was draw a sphere. Here’s one now:

Floating Sphere I

Floating Sphere I

We’re going to have lots more about this later. But first… a good night’s sleep.


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