Photographer Bill Gekas

Bill Gekas deserves First Prize for what must surely be the most magnificently stunning portrait photographs ever made. But the Grand Champion award? That goes to his young daughter. For her extraordinary achievement in sitting for them.

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; Pleiadian

Mr. Gekas is an award winning photographer from Australia. In this visual feast of a series, he re-imagines famous paintings by various Old Masters.

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; Potatoes

I have no idea how old this adorable child with the marvelously expressive face is, other than “not very.” Which just makes her accomplishment in posing for these that much more astonishing.

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; Estudio

The photographs are remarkable on so many levels. They reflect meticulous research and attention to detail, coupled with a judicious sensibility for identifying what is essential (and the artistic discipline to discard what isn’t). The magic result: none of the images is a copy of ANY Old Masters painting, and yet… we still “get” the reference every time.

Or rather, we think we do. The fact is, Gekas has so convincingly mastered this visual idiom, every image in the collection feels like something we remember, even though we’ve never seen it before.

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; Pears

The work is impressive from a technical and logistical perspective as well. Just collecting and preparing the props would be a study in perseverance. Then there are the scene recreations. The lush, perfectly colored, textured backgrounds. The absolutely gorgeous lighting.

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; Birdcage

And of course the costumes.

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; Doilies In Delft

Pondering all the things that make these lovely photographs such a rich artistic achievement, another thought bubbles up:

It’s an image of legions of parents from every country of the world, considering these works in a solidarity of speechless amazement, all wondering, “How does he get her to do that?”

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; The Letter

And it occurs to me that, perhaps somewhere just off the left of the frame, there might be a wrangler.

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