Tara's Wedding Cake - Detail

Cake Bible Indeed

The best cake cookbook ever written is 25 years old this year! I am of course talking about The Cake Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum, now in its 49th printing.

The Cake Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum

Gilda loves this book so much she has two copies — the original printing, and the slightly revised version published in 2005. Gilda tends to use them both at once. The main differences between them are: (1) the newer one has an updated equipment and ingredients list; and (2) the older one has more cake batter and frosting spilled on it. A lot more. Speaking of cake, here’s some now:

Pansy Cake

Pansy Cake

What’s in that cake? Glad you asked! It’s a three layer chocolate butter cake, filled with espresso buttercream, covered in fondant, and decorated with hand sugared pansies.

Where were we? Oh yes, The Cake Bible.

This quarter century old work is packed cover to cover with precise scientific explanations of… everything. It was ground-breaking back in 1988, and it remains equally valuable today–as devoted fans of Rose Beranbaum’s work will readily agree. Many of whom (including yours truly) would be hard-pressed to name any other possible contender in a top two contest.

Before we get flamed for our unbridled enthusiasm, we should point out that not everyone adores The Cake Bible. Some cake making enthusiasts do not like it even one little bit, thank you very much. They can be fairly vocal about it, too. Which Gilda finds endlessly amusing. Gilda barely has time to read cookbooks she DOES like. She can’t imagine spending any energy on those she DOESN’T. Naturally, Artie (being Artie) has a complete theory about why people do this, but that’s another story.

Thanks to the mountains of useful information in The Cake Bible, Gilda has made a lot of really delicious cakes for a lot of really nice people. Here’s another one:

Engagement Cake Detail

…Luke loves Tara loves Luke…

That was a four layer yellow cake filled with raspberry preserves and pear mousseline buttercream, covered with marzipan fondant. It served 50 people at an engagement party. It was delicious (seriously, I dream about eating this cake). And it was a trial run for… the wedding cake. Read More →

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