Smell the Virtual Coffee

And now for something completely delicious… wait, what was that? Uh… no, sorry, it’s not candy. Gilda swears there will be candy very soon, though. At which point all her friends who’ve been waiting for a box in the mail since Christmas will have a collective stroke.

Gentle Reader, if you happen to be one of those friends, she says to tell you it will be worth the wait.

What we have today is eye candy. Which we’ll be serving with some great virtual coffee. Maybe not so delicious as actual caramel (nothing is that good), but at least it can be enjoyed without any need to jump on the nearest treadmill. Have a look:

Red Orange Tree Background

Red Orange Woods

Gilda has spent the better part of a week in a state of complete obsessive distraction. This is typical of Artie–he’s so fascinated with everything, he forgets to eat. But Gilda… she’s all about staying on task. What happened?

It all started after she made this drawing on her iPad:

Abstract drawing of stream

Frozen Stream

… and she had this photograph:

Collapsing abandoned house with mountain of discarded tires

Post-Modern Pastoral

… and she wondered what would happen if she combined them. Read More →

Paper Bag Puppets

Angelica and Ambidextra

The first time our adorable friend Lawryn visited the Hasslefactory, she learned about hexadecimal color codes by playing “What the Hex” with Artie. Amazingly, she wanted to come back. more→