Dragon Cow

Facebook Weirdness

Dear Facebook: You and your inflexible, inexplicable, utterly opaque Open Graph Protocol make Artie want to fling himself off the parapet.

Oh, hello, Gentle Reader. I didn’t see you standing there. I’m afraid the sole purpose of this totally boring post is to troubleshoot Facebook’s bizarre inability over the last three weeks to see any images from this website.

Like the Dragon Cow creature in the banner image above, for example.

Or this image, which (as anyone can see) is readily visible RIGHT HERE on this page, so why Facebook would insist that it is in fact NOT visible is a mystery:

Pink Heart

Pink Percolated Heart

Gilda says she can understand why Facebook wouldn’t want to see the Dragon Cow because she can scarcely bear to look at it herself. Artie concedes that she has a point. However, he says her point is not compelling, given that considerations of taste clearly do not govern any of Facebook’s other decisions.

Now Gilda isn’t speaking to him. But she knows he’s right.

Mystery solved. After trying countless other “fixes” to no avail, I found my answer here.

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