Paper Bag Puppets

Angelica and Ambidextra

The first time our adorable young friend Lawryn visited the Hasslefactory, she learned all about hexadecimal color codes by playing What The Hex with Artie. Amazingly, she still wanted to come back.

She wanted to know what we could do this time, so Artie and Gilda came up with a list. Evidently Lawryn liked the last option (which was “or something else”), because the first thing she said when she got here was, “Can we make Fandango puppets?”

What a grand idea! Artie instantly started pulling out loads of art supplies for Gilda to arrange on the dining room table, while the Skipper went to the store to buy paper bags. Lawryn decided to make an angel for her first puppet. At first Gilda couldn’t come up with any idea at all, but finally some corrugated packing material announced that it wanted to be made into hair. So she decided to start with that and see where it led.

And here they are! Our first puppets, “Angelica” and “Ambidextra,” in their own movie: Angelica and Ambidextra at the Bus Stop. Both puppets flat out refused to sit down and work out a script in advance, so they had to improvise all their lines:

After the movie-making, Lawryn created “George” while Gilda made “Svetlana.” George sells dubious real estate in Florida. Svetlana is from Russia, where she was a famous supermodel until the day she met George on the internet. Within minutes, she was so deeply in love that she sacrificed her fabulous career to marry him. Isn’t that romantic? Anyone can see they’re terribly happy together. Just look!

Paper Bag Puppets George and Svetlana

George and Svetlana

The next day while Lawryn was at school, Gilda made one more puppet as a surprise for her. Here’s the whole community. Sorry to say, “Queenie” caused a bit of a row:

Paper Bag Puppets, Imperious Queenie

Imperious Queenie

But not even Queenie can faze serene Angelica:

Paper Bag Puppets, Queenie and Angelica

Queenie and Angelica

We always love seeing you, Lawryn–and the puppets you made are wonderful! Thanks for a great visit, and come back soon!