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A Bite of Bubbly

Champagne Truffles:  Milk chocolate Marc de Champagne ganache with pop rocks, in a white/milk chocolate shell, decorated with shaved milk chocolate and a pearl finish (Laurie Bergren)

Champagne Truffles

Marc de Champagne ganache.
In a white/milk chocolate shell.
With pop rocks!

  1. Super! Your finding time to get back to your blog. In the saying truffles and Pop Rocks is not something I would have put together in my mind – – tasting would probably be something else.

    • Hi Tom! Thanks for stopping by! About the pop rocks… the ones I use are all “pop” with no detectable flavor. Basically they just make the Champagne Truffles feel more “champagney.” Oh, and guess what? EXACTLY like real champagne… all the “pop” disappeared after about a day. The truffles were great both ways. They were just more FUN with the pop rocks!